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EQUALITY UGANDA alias Partners For Livelihood Enhancement Services Uganda (PLES-U), is an independent not-for-profit civil society organization working to defeat INEQUALITY to achieve equality for all in Uganda.

Realizing that there cannot be sustainable development with widespread exclusion of people from access to equal opportunities, services, and general chances to better their lives, a group of activists agreed to establish Equality Uganda in 2017 to advocate for an “equitable, tolerant, democratic, open and socially inclusive Uganda in which needs of the most vulnerable are met” without discrimination.

As such, organizational work is rooted in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG10) which is about reducing inequalities.

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Our Vision 

A just, equitable and sustainable society where everyone enjoys equal rights without discrimination .


Our Mission 

To achieve a socially-just, accountable with progressive taxation system as a tool to defeat inequality for development, and improvement of democratic governance by working with diverse communities.

What we do 

  • Monitoring and documentation of inequalities in various forms.
  • Researching about inequalities and dissemination
  • Training and Advocacy.
  • Strategic public-interest litigations.

For centuries too many people have lived and died in extreme poverty on the margins of society, robbed of dignity and opportunity because they are born in lower social class, born into poverty, or suffer discrimination because of their status, race, gender identity, tribe or religion.

Today, the old-age disparities have been further entrenched by an acute concentration of wealth and power into hands of small elites.
EQUALITY UGANDA, therefore, works towards achieving SDG10 which is about eradicating inequalities in all covert and overt forms as bedrock to attain other 16 SDGs by 2030 and beyond under its SDG10PLUS approach

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Women Representation In Uganda’s Cabinet Decline by 7% Signifies Need to Accelerate a 50/50 Male/Women Representation Campaign


KAMPALA, 7th January 2020;
Despite some positive strides registered in increasing the number of women in politics in Uganda over the last 20 years. But the male dominance in senior government leadership positions especially politics still persists to date.
On December 14, 2019, President Yoweri Museveni reshuffled cabinet and our analysis reveals a conspicuous a widened gender inequality.
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